Attuatore comprendente una coppia di elementi elicoidali in una Lega a memoria di forma

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BORBONI Alberto FAGLIA Rodolfo

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An actuator (1) comprising a slide (10), a fixed frame (20), with respect to which the slide (10) is suitable to move, and control means (30) suitable to control said movement. Where the slide (10) has a box shape with, inside, at least one pair of helical elements (100) in a material selected from among the shape memory alloys. The helical elements (101, 102) have a first end (111, 112) operatively connected to the locking elements (200) of the frame (20), which extend transversely with respect to the slide.

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Dipartimento: DIMI

Anni di svolgimento: 2014 – 2034

Record ID: 402

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