Metodo per la determinazione del tempo di ricezione di segnali elettromagnetici

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GRINGOLI Francesco Ricciato FABIO

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With this method it is possible to collect the pseudo-time-of-arrival (pToA) of a generic OFDM-encoded frame with nanosecond-level precision. The pToA differs by the absolute time-of-arrival (ToA) by the presence of a systematic ambiguity term that depends exclusively on the receiver, not on the frame: the devised method reduces the difference between ToA and pToA in the order of nanosecond and does not require any modification on existing radio protocols, the only requirement being that the modulation format is OFDM. The proposed method can be applied to any OFDM-based radio protocol, including IEEE 802.11a/g (WiFi), and does not require cooperation by the transmitter.

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Anni di svolgimento: 2019 – 2039

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