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Embedded non-volatile memory with single polysilicon layer memory cells erasable through band to band tunneling induced hot electron and programmable through Fowler-Nordheim tunneling Status

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US Pat. 10,468,425,2019 Non-volatile memory includes cells arranged in rows and columns. Each memory cell includes an access portion and a control portion. The access and control portions share an electrically floating layer of conductive material defining a first capacitive coupling with the access portion and a second capacitive coupling with the control portion. The first capacitive coupling defines a first capacity lower than a second capacity defined by the second capacitive coupling. The control portion is configured so that an electric current extracts charge carriers from the electrically floating layer through Fowler-Nordheim tunneling to store a first logic value in the memory cell. The access portion is configured so that an electric current injects charge carriers in the electrically floating layer by injection of band-to-band tunneling-induced hot electrons to store a second logic value, respectively, in the memory cell.

Partner dell’attivita’: Luca Milani, Fabrizio Torricelli, Anna Richelli, Luigi Colalongo

Dipartimento: DII

Anni di svolgimento: 2019

Record ID: 348

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