Characterization of defects effect on fatigue life of materials for hybrid bearings

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MAZZU’ Angelo

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The project general aim was to study fatigue on materials for innovative bearings, made by steel raceways and ceramic rolling elements, for application to aircraft engines. The activity was focused on testing different couples of materials for hybrid bearings (steel vs. steel, ceramic vs. steel) for investigating the damage occurring. The specimens were tested on a bi-disc machine, with the application of oil lubricant. The phenomenology of the cracks occurring was studied and evaluated by means of numerical calculation methods. The work was commissioned by the INSA French national institute. In addition to the commercial agreement, even an international university cooperation agreement was concluded.

Partner dell’attivita’: INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquees) – Lyon

Dipartimento: DIMI

Anni di svolgimento: 2012 – 2016

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