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A horizontal axis wind generator (1) comprises a wind turbine (10) with a plurality of blades (12), which extend between a first portion (13) at the turbine rotational axis (X-X) and a second end portion (14), an electric power generator (20) coupled with the wind turbine (10) and having a rotor (21) adapted to be set in rotation around a rotor rotational axis (A-A), motion transmission means (30) for transmitting the rotation energy of the wind turbine (10) to the rotor (21). The motion transmission means (30) comprise a frame (31) associated with the second end portions (14) of the blades (12) and the rotor (21) is operatively coupled with the frame (31) with an aerodynamic profile both for the inlet and for the outlet of the air flow.

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Dipartimento: DIMI

Anni di svolgimento: ? – 2031

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