Pareti di tamponamento e tramezzature interne sismo compatibili dotate di giunti di scorrimento

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BOLIS Valentino GIURIANI Ezio Pilar PRETI Marco

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A seismo-resistant structure, in particular a wall, is divided into bands connected by sliding joints, shaped to ensure the out of plane stability, and bound to the supporting structure so as to act as tensile joints. This system is applicable to both walls with vertical bands connected by vertical joints, both walls with horizontal bands connected by horizontal joints. The invention also relates to a method of seismic recovery of an existing wall by means of the system of vertical strips connected by vertical joints. The invention also concerns a wall divided into horizontal strips with horizontal sliding joints, wherein each wing is connected to the pillars of the supporting structure with a coupling intermediate place at the centerline.

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Dipartimento: DICATAM

Anni di svolgimento: 2016 – 2036

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